Vendor Information

Welcome Vendors, Crafters, Businesses, Charities, and Food Trucks!

Thank you for your interest in being part of this year’s Dinah SOAR Days Market!
We are excited for this year’s show and looking forward to hanging out with you during this exciting event!

Before we continue, we would like to answer a couple of questions and share a bit of information with you:
*The event times are as follow: Friday 1pm-9pm AND Saturday 10am-6pm (stay till 9 optional)
**Please plan accordingly to be there ON BOTH days for the duration of the show.
*Please be kind of others, plan your layout accordingly and stay WITHIN your 10×10 space provided, again, we’ve had this issue before and in order to keep the flow of the event we will be enforcing this.
**Due to a few discrepancies, we ask that ONLY THE REGISTERED BUSINESS/VENDOR/CRAFTER be at their corresponding booth with the products they advertise on selling, this will not only help to keep the variety flowing but also to avoid tax commission discrepancies.
*Please PLEASE make sure you have the proper weight for your canopies. AS PER COUNTY RULES WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE STAKES ON THE GROUND, please plan accordingly.
*MLMS vendors – Please check with us before registering to see if someone is already signed up with your company. We try our best to make sure there are no duplicate MLM vendors in order to keep it fair for vendors and customers make sure to let us know if you are an MLM.
*Due to the complexity and the many factors involved in making the show a success, we cannot guarantee spots as they are first come first serve..
*SETUP TIME STARTS AT 11am- No one will be given any information prior to this time, please be respectful as WE ARE VOLUNTEERS and need time to make sure things go as planned.
These are the main questions and concerns we have received, and hope we were able to answer . Once again if you have any questions please message us directly and we will try to answer as soon as we can. Stay tuned for some updates on a few new things coming to the show this year! We definitely can use your help!

On behalf of Rednek Productions(Organizer) and the volunteers helping run this show we want to thank you for your support!

Want to register for space to sell your craft, product, food or advertise your service? Please click this link to register for space. Space is limited so act fast!